How to Get Started in Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is really on a wild roll in 2021 with many major businesses releasing audio content via the Internet, to build trust, create connection with their audience on a more personal level, and increase brand awareness. But podcasting is not new. Podcasts appeared in 2021, in the guise of audio streaming videos that were sent directly to iPods. Over the past few years, podcast advertising has exploded as hosts take advantage of the wide array of potential viewers for short term audio ads or viral promotions.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing allows podcast hosts to provide a rich variety of content that is easily downloadable via the Internet. Many podcasters start out by creating audio shows that focus on their particular niche subject, then they simply syndicate the content using various Internet outlets. The more successful podcasts host video promos or release special episodes as bonus features for subscribers, while others develop a devoted listenership who enjoy being kept up to date on the latest trends in their niche.

Podcasts can be transmitted to an unlimited number of computers and portable devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile broadband. There are many podcast hosts that offer podcast distribution services. A podcast host can host an audio version of their podcast, a video version using a web cam, and even publish a PDF version. Podcast distribution services are very effective at helping small and medium sized businesses distribute high quality audio and video content to a targeted list of subscribers. Some of these services also offer podcast hosting services to maximize the full capabilities of podcasting headphones and microphones.

Podcast marketing allows podcast hosts to earn income by selling advertising space on their podcasts. This revenue stream is usually passive, with no ongoing charges except for the podcast hosting fee. Other ways to monetize a podcast include selling advertisement space on user submitted web pages, displaying advertisement banners on podcast player screens, and offering “patches” and “bundles” that require users to purchase additional products or services in exchange for downloading a podcast. A successful podcast marketing campaign can significantly increase a company’s visibility and listenership, resulting in significant increases in revenue.

Podcast marketing can also help a business establish strong brand recognition among its target audience. Many companies that podcast often use their web presence to promote their business, particularly through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. By providing digital audio content that is freely distributed by the podcasting host, a business can dramatically expand its reach and brand recognition.

A new, monetizable business in the podcasting industry has already made a sizable impact on the industry. After recording an episode of their popular podcast, their show received over 20 million downloads within its first month of release. Now Podcast Mastermind, Inc., a podcasting company based in San Francisco, California, has developed a unique, service oriented approach to monetizing their shows. They not only monetize each episode of their audio content with advertising revenue share directly from iTunes, they also utilize their podcasting platform to create additional revenue streams through the sale of high quality extended-play audio files.