How to Use Weibo to Market to China Social Media

Weibo allows users to create a super topic on the platform. Using a super topic is a great way to create more engaged communities for a specific subject. It does not override the regular hashtag, and accounts may use both. To create a super topic, a Weibo user must apply for it. They can do this by clicking the Discover icon, selecting a Group, and then selecting the ‘Super topic recommendation’ option. Once approved, the account should fill out the application form.

One way to get more followers and engage with your audience is to create giveaways. People love to win gifts, and giveaways are an effective way to get people interested in your brand. Whether the giveaways are free samples or discounted wine, the giveaways are sure to draw attention. Weibo users are eager to see what brands are giving away. For this reason, many businesses are launching giveaway campaigns on Weibo.

In addition to fan tunnels, other Weibo advertising strategies include the use of display ads. These ads appear in user feeds and link to company pages. They are often used by brands and KOLs. Another popular advertising method is using fan tunnels to promote posts and accounts. These advertisements appear on the newsfeeds of users with specific interests, and are highly effective when used in tandem with other marketing strategies. Weibo’s search engine is a great tool for targeting potential customers, and you can even target a specific audience with specific keywords.

Another strategy for using Weibo is to use celebrities as ambassadors. Some celebrities can be paid to post content about a brand, or a product, and link to an official Weibo account or online shop. This method is less expensive than official endorsement and can help a brand gain a more global presence. This strategy is particularly effective for larger brands. The North Face recently used Weibo to promote its new clothing line by inviting commenters to share their opinions.

Weibo is a powerful tool for gaining brand awareness in China. Advertising on Weibo is a great way to build followers and convert them into customers. However, Weibo advertising is just one piece of the marketing puzzle. It is best to use a combination of both to achieve your goals. So, start your Weibo marketing campaign today! You will be amazed at how easy it is to gain visibility on Weibo!

If you’re looking to market your brand on Weibo, you’ll find that young millennials on the platform are open to interacting with brands and businesses. On Weibo, the average user follows over 200 official accounts, including hundreds of consumer brands. Brands need to use this platform to build a memorable brand image for these young tastemakers. They want social interaction and prizes, so they’ll be delighted to interact with you!

In addition to attracting new followers, giveaway campaigns can engage existing followers. Most giveaway campaigns involve a brand encouraging followers to like and repost their posts about the product. Occasionally, brands invite several KOLs to collaborate with them on their content. The fashion brand Max Factor recently teamed up with three KOLs, one in each of the clothing industry, to promote their products. The campaign was successful, with both celebrities and ordinary users sharing their experiences with the product.