Using Wechat For Marketing Success

Social networking giant We chat – along with countless other Chinese instant messaging and social media platforms – has recently launched a new viral marketing initiative. Wechat Marketing is a viral marketing campaign powered by SMS, a Chinese custom-made messaging system, which has proved to be effective in bringing massive traffic and brand awareness to the brand’s website. And We Chat Marketing does not just stop at mobile communication. In fact, this amazing platform can now support a wide range of mobile communication devices, including Windows Mobile Phones, Blackberry and Android phones as well as iPhones.

WeChat Marketing

This innovative mobile marketing strategy is a part of Weibo, a famous Chinese microblogging site. Weibo boasts an impressive fan base of over 66 million daily active We chat users, and that’s a huge audience, ready to get engaged with your brand and your content. What’s more, these users are very targeted in their interests, ready to spot something that matches their profile.

By building a strong online presence with Wechat users based in China, you can easily reach out to a much wider target audience. Not only that, but the latest We chat marketing strategy leverages the enormous power of QR codes. Once your Weibo QR code is embedded on some interesting content, anyone with a compatible smartphone can simply scan the code to instantly get the latest information about your brand or product – complete with a Weibo account link!

Of course, not all your content can be translated for English consumption. This is where Weibo’s incredible social media platform comes in. With the integration of the latest V2 API, Weixit makes it easy to post Chinese Webrtc content straight to Wechat, which will then generate a “virtual Q&A” with your brand and its fans. This will allow you to engage directly with your audience, getting immediate feedback on your brand’s latest products or services. Best of all, with each post, your V QR code is automatically updated to provide a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly link to your website.

But that’s not all that the latest version of Weixit-QR gives you to pull off a fantastic social media listening campaign. We chat also gives you access to Weixit tools which allow you to test various marketing strategies in Weixit. You can use Weixit to track keyword rankings, competitor data, social engagement, and content insights, among many other useful Weixit tools. With these powerful Weixit tools, your marketing strategy can become even more effective.

In summary: Weixit QR codes are very useful for promoting your brands across the Chinese social media scene. In addition to being easy to implement, your QR code can be updated automatically, thus giving you a real time reflection of your brand’s engagement with their audience. Branding becomes much more real with Weixit’s latest app, allowing you to connect with your audience directly. The latest Weixit-QR app makes your social media marketing efforts a lot more direct, and will help you to optimize your brand and image at the same time. All in all, Wechat does offer a great service, but if you really want to get the most out of it, you should definitely consider Weixit QR Codes.