Coursera Introduction to Digital Marketing

Earn a Digital Marketing certification by creating a digital marketing strategy for an existing brand of your choice. Your plan will cover strategic elements across all disciplines covered in the course, starting with search engine optimization to social media marketing to email marketing. The core theme of the plan should be customer development and you will learn how to create solutions that improve the customer experience. If you are unsure of where to begin or how to get started, an instructor can help guide you through the process and explain the basics of the courses. However, if you already know the basics, a self-study program is an ideal way to learn the new trends in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course

This advanced level focuses on the content. You will be taught to write technical documents that describe your service or product. At this point, you can focus on the technical details of the design or layout, how to write a marketing strategy, how to use media skills and keyword research to promote your item, and other basics. Keyword research is one of the most important concepts and it requires a specific skill set. If you are a business owner, an instructor can help you understand the basics of SEO and then teach you how to find targeted keywords that are low in competition.

The second part of this advanced Digital Marketing course focuses on incorporating analytics. Analytics measures how the Internet-based media are used in an effort to maximize the business opportunity. There are two types of analytics available: audience and behavior analytics. With audience analytics, business owners collect data on who visits their site and when, and what they look at, such as ads. With behavior analytics, on the other hand, you are trained to recognize advertising messages and track how often users click on them.

The final part of the advanced Digital Marketing Course teaches you about the latest trends in online marketing. As technology improves, you’ll find that new trends emerge and old ones morph into new ones. New media, social networking sites, and mobile technology all have an impact on your bottom line. Trends in digital marketing courses will help you understand how to embrace these changes and make the most of them. Learn about the best practices for optimizing websites to achieve the highest page ranking and discover how to determine the return on investment from the various marketing efforts. You can also learn about the latest trends in pay per click and social media marketing to help you decide what types of campaigns are best for your business and your goals.

In order to gain an understanding of how each aspect of Digital Marketing works, you need to take this marketing course. You will be presented with lots of information that you can review, consider, analyze, and implement to improve your current marketing practices. You will explore topics such as demographics, search engine optimization, content marketing, and analytics, and you’ll get tips and advice on which strategies are best for your website.

The course is offered in two options. One is a fast-paced, intense strategy session that deals with the most popular components of Digital Marketing. The second is a detailed, comprehensive study guide, broken down into chapters, containing engaging, easy-to-read chapters, that covers every topic. There is also a resource section that offers the same information offered in the main session.