Wechat Marketing – Three Types of Accounts For We Chat Marketing

Companies can utilize Wechat Marketing in a number of ways: from broadcasting promotional messages to reaching out to potential clients with the latest news and events, to simply having it as a customer and support platform. Hundreds of businesses in China today have their own dedicated Web Chat app channel on which they not only to track their current customers’ behavior but to understand their overall behavior. Aside from that, the platform makes it easy for businesses to provide relevant content to their users, thereby achieving both a targeted audience and higher return of investment. For instance, a manufacturer who has created a series of Wechat QR codes can use this code to promote the products even when the QR codes are displayed on sites outside of China. This means that even if a customer in the U.S. doesn’t know anything about the products, he/she will still be able to receive relevant content by seeing the QR code.

WeChat Marketing

Wechat Marketing is also used as a quality content delivery mechanism, so marketers can easily measure the success of their advertising campaigns. There are two types of account management systems in Wechat: the “regular” or “standard” accounts and the “limited” or “semi-limited” accounts. The standard accounts are for the everyday use of users and the semi-limited and unlimited accounts are more for the companies’ internal purposes (such as customer support).

In Wechat Marketing, one of the most successful strategies is creating games and applications that will help attract and motivate We chatsters. People who are used to using Wechat as their personal interface with other people will be more likely to open up their conversations in order to ask questions and share opinions with others. By creating games or applications, your users will be more inclined to participate in your marketing campaigns. Remember that not everyone on Wechat is an affiliate; there are some younger users who are also susceptible to the lure of online marketing. You therefore need to target these younger users so that you can create more engaging games.

Aside from games, you can also utilize the Wechat Marketing official account to improve your We chat visibility in the Chinese internet. When you create a chat marketing content and link it to the Wechat account of your We Chat brand, you can instantly gain more followers. The Wechat official account will allow you to advertise the link to your Wechat brand with your We chat followers and fans. You can also use the Wechat marketing tools to find out which groups and forums are active and most popular. You can then make use of the forum to post your own threads or ask your fans to contribute to the discussions.

We chat offers three types of accounts: the standard, unlimited and the premium accounts. The standard account is restricted to the what marketing tools and features. You cannot upload any Wechat Applications or create any Wechat pages. The unlimited and premium accounts offer additional features and tools to enhance your Wechat experience.

With the help of the premium or standard We Chat accounts, you can promote your Web Chat marketing campaigns even more. You can attract more potential customers and build stronger ties with your existing customers. These three types of We Chat Accounts can significantly help you in building strong brand awareness in China. You should now use We Chat Marketing to boost your sales and drive more potential customers to your brand.