Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 which will keep your company thriving and make use of the internet marketing scene to drive sales! Social media engagement gets your customer involved! Content is king! Nowadays there’s a greater focus on social media integration. Here’s what you should know about the upcoming ” Trend”

Digital Marketing Trends

Instagram Stories – Big News!! Instagram is taking the media by storm with it’s easy to use, accessible application and it’s free instagram backgrounds, stickers and unlimited photo and video uploads. With Instagram, brands are able to tell unique and engaging stories from their consumers or followers about their experiences with their brands. The content should always be genuine and it helps boost Instagram’s engagement rates as well as it gets people interacting with brands on a more personal platform. It will definitely give better results than Facebook and other social media networks.

Mobile Apps – Another upcoming trend will be the launch of m-commerce apps. M-commerce apps are specifically designed to work on android and iphone devices, but they will also support smart phones and tablets. These mobile apps will integrate with the existing instagram accounts and promote brand offers via the same apps. It provides the option for the user to purchase products/services directly from the app. Brands will need to invest in good quality apps to create better visibility and engagement with their audiences.

Facebook Ads/ Pages – As already discussed Facebook is not going anywhere, but it is important to understand how brands can take advantage of this medium to gain a competitive advantage. Today brands can get great ROI’s from Facebook ads and pages. Today, more businesses are using Facebook as their main social media platform. If you haven’t signed up for Facebook yet, it’s time you do that now.

Social Media Viral Traffic – Many people think that viral marketing is all about getting your products out there in front of as many people as possible. However, today social media is about spreading the news about your product as fast as possible. Social media is not just about sharing your brand with everyone you can, it’s about stimulating conversation. This is something that has been missing in traditional marketing strategies. This concept has always been effective, and many people are reaping the benefits.

These 3 platforms have evolved into what they are today due to the constantly changing needs of business owners. This evolution will continue, and brands need to be ready to jump on the bandwagon and start promoting their products on these platforms. Social media channels are no longer just an interesting side feature for consumers, they are an integral part of how brands are being marketed. The platforms have become so popular because the users are so involved in the conversation. Brands need to ensure that their influencers understand the importance of social engagement and how it can help to improve their online presence.