How to Optimize Your Weibo Account For Virality in China Social Media

Weibo Marketing

To increase the visibility of your account on Weibo, you must first create great content. You should also optimize your account for virality by utilizing Weibo’s features, such as the Board of Fame. These boards gather the hottest topics and offer an opportunity to promote your content. In addition, you can also pay for ads campaigns.

Giveaway campaigns are another effective way to attract new followers and engage existing ones. These campaigns often involve the brand asking followers to like, repost, or share pictures of the product in exchange for the chance to win it. As a result, the brand’s official account may gain more followers and gather UGC from lucky draw entrants. This rewards-oriented marketing strategy can directly influence sales.

Weibo allows users to add links, videos, photos, and gifs. If you’d like to get more involved with Weibo marketing, you can use the article feature to share longer content. This will increase engagement by requiring users to click on the ‘expand’ button.

When posting content on Weibo, it’s important to use hashtags. These are a great way to find similar content, establish your brand, and keep up with trending topics on Weibo. In China, hashtags are indicated by the # sign. In addition, hashtags can be used to categorize users and promote their content.

People often seek information about products, such as reviews of similar products. This means that the information you share should be comprehensive and relevant. This information is most likely to reach people who are motivated to make a purchase. People looking for information on a product usually seek out information from users who aren’t famous or follow many accounts. Through keyword searches on Weibo, they can find posts with thorough feedbacks and product comparisons. Some bloggers are even experts at promoting the advantages of a product.

Weibo can be an affordable option for promoting your campaign. Chinese KOLs are increasingly active on Weibo and can help you reach a wider audience through their community. By establishing relationships with KOLs, you can leverage their reach and influence to promote your campaign. This will also help your brand gain authenticity as they can promote your brand to their following.

WeChat has 400 million monthly users. Most of them live in China. This is the perfect platform to connect with Chinese consumers. Montblanc, for example, used WeChat to reach their Chinese audience, who are interested in the lunar cycle. Their message was personalized and interesting, and helped their brand gain a following. The campaign was a huge success and prompted a rebranding by the brand. The brand is now looking to expand its audience beyond China’s borders.

The company has also used interactive screens to engage consumers. People could scan a QR code and share it with their friends on WeChat. They were rewarded with a free gift and the chance to be shown on a large screen. However, turning the QR code into footfall is another matter. For this, a company must know where it wants to end their campaign.