How To Podcast And Make Money Online With Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing is nothing but the act of promotion of yourself, your services or your products through the production and distribution of audio online content. You normally share free audio online content on a podcast, usually for free, to ideally impact them in such a manner that will ultimately sell your goods or services to your targeted audience. This sort of marketing is a good way to build a network of potential customers, as the content is often sent out to a wide range of people who may not have accessed your business elsewhere. Podcast Marketing is also a good medium for advertising your business, as it is relatively inexpensive compared to print, television or radio advertisements. Podcast marketing allows you to reach a lot more people for far less than other forms of media marketing.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is a relatively untapped source of generating quality backlinks to your website. Podcasts can be submitted to prominent RSS directories such as FeedPlex, so you can rapidly build a responsive email list with high quality, relevant links from authoritative sites in your industry. Podcasts are similar to radio shows in that they can be submitted to a variety of podcast directories and syndicated online content sites, such as YouTube, iGoogle, Technorati, and a few others. Podcasts are increasingly becoming an increasingly important source of internet entertainment, with more people uploading their own daily audio shows, informative podcasts and interviews, often with links back to their websites. Podcasts can be downloaded directly from the internet, using a standard CD burner or by visiting the iTunes store. Alternatively, if you have a microphone and a high quality audio software program, you can create your own podcast for the internet marketplace, where thousands of independent producers sell their products and services for a commission.

As well as providing an opportunity to obtain backlinks, Podcast Marketing also provides an excellent source of content…and should you add value! The main benefit of podcasting is that it allows for the quick syndication of up to date information…such as blog posts, podcasts and interviews. Podcasts are often submitted to established RSS directories, such as Feed Plex, so that relevant content is sent to targeted email lists. This can be very beneficial when you’re trying to build quality backlinks from quality sources – because they receive little if any advertising from other marketers, you won’t need to pay to get your podcast listed in any directories, unless you want to (which would blow your budget).

Podcasts are easy to produce and transmit, so if you have a great podcast, chances are your visitors would appreciate being able to listen to it whenever they choose. If you can add valuable content, make it useful and timely, and if you’re candid and open about your podcast, it could even win over some listeners and guests you might not have considered previously. There are also numerous podcast directories that allow podcast submissions. Once you’ve submitted your podcast to one or more directories, just make sure that your episodes meet their submission guidelines. Don’t submit any episode that has “inflammatory” language, inappropriate subject matter, or is full of homonyms (i.e. “your”, “you’re”, “it’s” and “its”).

So once you’ve got your podcast up and running, what’s the secret to Podcast Marketing? The most important aspect of podcasting as a tool to promote yourself is that it should be regularly delivered. It’s best to send it out for download several times each week, although this varies depending on how popular your podcasting community is. Because this content is “on the internet” it can be easily syndicated, so you may find that it’s easier to submit your podcast for syndication to syndicate feeder sites such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, etc. Some people also recommend podcast directories, such as FeedPlex, because they allow for the syndication of content across multiple platforms such as Apple iTunes, Google Play, etc.

The key to Podcast Marketing is getting as many listeners as possible to your podcast. One way of doing this is by building your email list. An email list is a list of people who have given permission to receive promotional emails from you, and it’s essentially an advertisement in disguise. However, if you consistently use the power of content marketing to promote yourself and your podcasts, your email list will grow and your audience will become a potential market that you can market to via email campaigns and other forms of content marketing.