Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends From last 6 months

Digital Marketing Trends

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends From last 6 months

There are many ways to look at digital marketing trends these days. It can be quite confusing knowing which strategies will work best for your business and whether or not you are implementing them successfully. It seems that there is a new strategy, marketing idea, or strategy technique being bandied about everywhere. The problem with this is that you really have to dig deep and find the core idea or concept that drives your business. In this article, we will examine some of the most popular social media marketing strategies of today and how they compare to traditional marketing strategies.

The first trend, we will look at is the ROI (return on investment). In all reality, marketers say that they want their customers to come back, which is fine. The real question then becomes, how much does my customer return on investment? Social media and traditional marketing both have different metrics associated with ROI. These digital marketing statistics are split across seven key metrics, both in an infographic below and in the comprehensive list that follow it.

Social Media ROI is determined by engagement, which is measured by engagement and “thumbs up” or “likes.” The second popular digital marketing trend is search engine traffic, also measured by engagement and “thumbs down” or “dislike.” With traditional marketing, the focus tends to be on the number of consumers that come to a website. With social media, marketers say they want consumers to share their experiences online and connect with others. So SEO plays a big role in online reviews and connecting people.

In both platforms, marketers say they want to connect and engage, but with Facebook, it is about building long-term relationships with fans. On Twitter, the latest marketing trends center on getting the right message across as fast as possible. With the integration of Facebook Connect, a consumer can post a news story or any other post-emoticon that they wish to share with everyone on Facebook. The share button is then enabled and the story or post can then be shared by Twitter followers on Facebook in real-time. If a fan likes the post, a pre-sale notification will appear on their timeline, giving them the chance to share it with others.

Mobile Advertising In the third place for digital platforms is mobile advertising. Both Google and Facebook said they would continue to support apps specifically for mobile devices such as iPhones and Android. Mobile advertising statistics vary, however. Some experts said that it may be harder for small businesses to make money with mobile advertising because advertisers sometimes put a lower priority on certain demographics. Another issue that some marketers said was the low monetization rate of some apps for mobile devices, like the Facebook app.

In the fourth place, B2C marketing, or using Facebook and Twitter to advertise products or services, came in fifth. Facebook and Twitter were used by 70 percent and 80 percent respectively. Marketers surveyed said that they are using Facebook and Twitter to advertise more because they’re so easy to use. Google also offers advertising solutions in its Google AdWords program, but has lower conversions than its competitor due to lower keyword selection.