Why Hootsuite Is Good for LinkedIn Marketing

Are you planning to hire an employee from LinkedIn? It is one of the most popular professional websites for business nowadays. There are many ways of getting your business presence up in this popular platform. One such way is through the employment section. It is where you post information like your business profile, contact information, job description and so on. In addition to that, it also has a section dedicated to business content, which can be used by prospective employees as reference when they need to do some research on your company and position.

You can post your job functions and business content in the recruitment section. LinkedIn marketing strategies are different from other social media platforms in the sense that unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn provides great opportunities for B2B advertising. You just need to concentrate more on certain groups on LinkedIn instead of mobs. When creating groups, ensure that people with similar interests are included in the group. This will allow you to gain followers and expose your company page to a huge crowd.

One of the best ways to track success through LinkedIn is through the socialinsider analytics. It is a free service offered by LinkedIn and it helps business managers to monitor engagement level across their business page including connections, messages, searches, mentions, referrals and tags. The metrics report gives you detailed insights on everything that your company does including employee profiles, job functions, comments, search and content functions. Apart from these amazing tools, LinkedIn analytics also integrates with other popular social analytics services such as Open Site Explorer and Google Analytics.

With its easy-to-use business platform, linkedin marketing provides you the opportunity to interact with your potential customers on a more personalized platform. You get to have a real conversation with them instead of getting the usual email back and forth. By interacting with potential customers, you also improve your brand awareness through customer feedback and you set higher business goals through strategic planning and focus.

In linkedin marketing, it is always essential to have a separate area for content creation. There are plenty of tools available to help you optimize the content of your business page and have an organized way of sharing the right kind of information to your audience. For this reason, many companies are now opting for social media automation tools like Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you can easily share great content from your blog, article submissions and more with ease. You can also manage the visibility of your business through Hootsuite since it helps you manage a variety of accounts with one platform.

With so many things to learn, it may be difficult to choose the right marketing platform. However, if you look closely at what LinkedIn has to offer and consider some of the challenges that other platforms may present, you should find a tool that works for your business. If you think you don’t have time to build a great profile page, then you should definitely look into the option of Hootsuite as a great alternative for your linkedin page content calendar.